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Thread: How can I find seedbox?

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    I want to find seedbox. How can i find one?

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    i think you should try using the search function on these forums for the many other threads about seedboxes.

    Otherwise, you would do well to look for vectoral or hivebox on google and check out the rates there. I'll admit that the prices are not too appealling, but given only a few months of use and you will have enough buffer on whatever account you use it with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oMeRs View Post
    I want to find seedbox. How can i find one?
    Europe = LeaseWeb
    USA = LayeredTech

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    Or use the search fuction in this forum...

    Think this might have been answered around 100 times.

    You are probably going to get around 20 different answers.
    But it depends on what you want.
    High speed 2terrabyte transfer is going to be around 50-60 Euro.

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    honestly, I'd get a European box regardless of where you live. If your goal is to get a buffer on you account as fast as possible then discontinue your service, euro is the way to go. The reason is the proximity to high-speed European users who will download from your server at ridiculous speeds. Your speed from the server will be slow, but you will probably buffer faster.

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    Fdc for usa.unlimted bandwidth.
    And speeds are good if u get a decent box.:-)


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