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Thread: What Can Be Done With Invites - The Tracker Rules

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    I was looking up this info for my own personal use, and I was surprised by some of my findings. I figured I'd make it look better, make it clear, and share it here, in case anyone cares.

    What Are You Allowed To Do With Your Invites?
    (According to the tracker's rules.)

    **These rules reflect the individual trackers, they have nothing to do with FST's personal invite forum rules. You don't have to follow these rules here, but you may be putting yourself at risk at the tracker.**

    For some reason or another (laziness, unable to translate language, never thought about it, etc) people don't know the consequences of giving away or trading invites.

    This is a guide that will help you respect a tracker's rules and/or possibly prevent you from being banned/warned. (Depending on which you care about more.) Although, some sites seem to let their rules slide, you still may be caught. These have been taken directly from rules/FAQs/staff.

    If you are looking for a specific tracker, please use ctrl+F (cmnd+F on mac) and search for the tracker name (or acronym)

    Can trade or give away invites.

    - Invites are given when you see fit.
    - In most cases you are still responsible for your invitee and may face consequences if they cheat.

    • Myspleen
    • KrayTracker
    • Goem
    • Libble
    • UnderGround Gamer
    • BitGamer
    • nCore
    • CO
    • KG
    • TR
    • TT
    • elektronik
    No trades are allowed, but giveaways are acceptable.
    - You are still responsible for who you invite.
    - You'll be banned if you invite a cheater.
    • RevoTT
    • STMusic
    • BitSpyder
    • BTMusic
    • Waffles
    • TDC
    • NB
    • VIPv2
    No giveaways or trades allowed.
    - You may lose your invites/get warned. (And maybe banned in extreme/excessive cases)
    • FS*E
    • FB
    • ST
    • TheBox

    Advertising invites in any way will get you banned.

    - You must invite someone you know and trust.
    • FTN
    • ScT
    • x264
    • SCC
    • iTS
    • BitMeTV
    • BrokenStones
    • BitMe

    Invites aren't given out to normal users, if given out at all.

    - If you're looking here for rules, you probably don't have any invites.
    • Music-Vid
    • BCG
    • Thor's
    • IT
    • ThePlace
    • TL
    • PT
    • PiSexy
    • FSC
    • F***
    • U*-*
    • E****
    For the n00bs:
    [!]I have not seen a site that openly allows account transfers of any kind. If you are caught, you will likely be banned.[!]
    [!]NEVER pay anyone for an invite. BUYING and SELLING of invites in not allowed on any sites. (Including FST)[!]

    In all cases, no matter what the rules, invite responsibly for the safety of the tracker. Don't be afraid to ask questions before you give an invite. In most cases you are responsible for the person you invite... and you damn well should be...

    Request a site to be added?*
    If you are unsure about a certain site, and you want to see it on here, request (post here or PM me) and I will add it to this list:
    CZone, LM, TTi

    *Please fill requests if you possibly can.

    Know a site's stance on invites?
    PM me or comment here.
    Please include the written proof as told in the sites FAQs/rules/forum/staff note/etc. If it's not in English, please include the foreign and translated text. (I have problems reading anything other than proper English, I barely understand American slang.)

    Is a Tracker Misplaced?
    You say, "Grind$oFine, YOU WRONG!" and then refer back to "Know a site's stance on invites?"..

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    oooooo,amazing list and work!
    thanks Grind$oFine

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    Good work!
    Time is more than money

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    <NES> lol
    <NES> I download something from Napster
    <NES> And the same guy I downloaded it from starts downloading it from me when I'm done
    <NES> I message him and say "What are you doing? I just got that from you"
    <NES> "getting my song back fucker"

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    Yet another informative list. Cheers!

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    TTi could be added Nice job.

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    Great job mate looks fantastic and should help some of the noobs. If I could offer one suggestion. You might consider changing the orange colouring to blue or red as it's a bit hard to read. Other than that well done.

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    nice and useful
    this will help me a lot
    i bookmark this now and might print it out
    good job mate

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    I just love your informative posts lately, thanks a bunch man and keep them coming.
    @ staff:
    /me thinks this can be a good Sticky

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    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    Nice work and it's usefull!

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