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Thread: How to apply a fix

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    Grabbed The Kingdom R5 XviD and a few short hours later there was a "fix" for it. What do I do with it? In other words, how do I use it or apply it to the file that is messed up? Thanks.

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    The fix you refer to is a subtitles fix. So all you need to do is delete the original subtitle file ( and replace it with the new one (

    In order to use it just make sure it is in the same folder as the movie (mvs-king.avi) and use a player that supports subtitles like VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic.

    If you want to burn it to Cd or DVD and have a standalone DivX player just make sure it is in the same folder (same as with a PC Media Player).

    As far as converting it to watch on any DVD player I have very limited experience on that but I do know that WinAvi will convert and add the subs if they are also in the same folder. I am sure many other converters do the same as well.

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    Thanks for the help.


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