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Thread: Nba Live 2003 Or Nba 2k3

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    i want to buy one of those games which is better :-)

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    2k3, I have not played it but live 2003, has great grpahics, that is all.

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    Sega sports games have more ACTION and are i would say..if your looking for as real gameplay as you can get go for EA..which makes nba live?? i think...but im going with the Sega 2K series alll the way
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    Absolutely 2K3 .. just read the reviews... 2K3 is the best you can get

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    2k3 rockz

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    EA Sports games lean very heavily toward accurate simulation of the real sport, including player-trading and team management and all that stuff.

    Sega Sports games are sort of more like half-simulation, half-arcade... so they're easier to just pick up and start playing without having to read the manual and learn everything first. and usually the action is a bit more loose and faster-paced. not quite as crazy as the NBA Jam series, but less "stiff" than EA.

    it really depends on your tastes, and what you expect to get from the game.

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    nah, no way, 2k3 is more of a sim that live 2003, get 2k3, it burns nba live to pieces, everything about it is better. trust me

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    actually, i have to admit, you're right. Sega was less of a simulation series in previous years, but this year it got switched around and now Sega's game is the super-realistic one.

    either way, EA have been getting lazy and they've just been cruising on their established trademarks for a while now.

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    which game has a better franchise mode cause i like playing franchise a lot


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