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Thread: how do u reseed a torrent in kg?

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    hey, ever since i found out that kg is such a good tracker last week ive been doing some downloading. so far my ratio isnt horrible but its getting worse even though i have a seedbox.
    i saw that you can get lots of bonus for 'reseeding" a torrent, except they are all dead torrents so how do u reseed???

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    just downloaded the torrent file and if the file is already on yourseedbox, it should just seed from then on
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    Is our problem that you can't connect to download the files because there are no seeds, therefore you can't reseed? If so, then that's the exactly the point of reseeding.

    Otherwise, you should be able to download the torrent file and have it point back to the data already on your computer. It checks it to make sure it matches and then you're good.

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    oh sorry im stupid, reseeding of course is when you have the file on ur pc, sorry my bad.

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    yep u got that right. look in the reseed requests and if you have one of those then u get a nice bonus

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    KG is hard to seed because there are many torrents and few dl'ers.

    To get the seeding bonues, someone will have to grab from you. And that bonus is giving to you in that form; a bonus.

    You could try uploading some movies?
    If not, just keep what you downloaded seeding. After a month, you'll be fine.
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