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Thread: Help with server

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    just got me leaseweb server with windows 2003. it seems to be running really slow, loading web pages, speed test, just everything running slow. I'd also like to know what security i need if any and how to open ports for my utorrent. Please help fast as u can

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    I don't understand how a leaseweb server can be slow, how much RAM does yours have?

    Regarding security, are you the only one using the server?

    As for opening ports you should get a popup from windows firewall the first time you start utorrent, you should tell it to unblock.

    You can also manually add exceptions to the windows firewall, it's found in the control panel.

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    If LeaseWeb still enable TCP/IP filtering you'll need to add uTorrent's TCP port.

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    Since you are browsing a computer remotely it will seem slow to you because it is not a local PC, you have to realise that the image of the desktop you are viewing is being sent from a remote location so will be alot slower than your local PC. If Utorrent was installed correctly it automatically put an exception for itself into the windows firewall. Since this server is located in a datacenter with hardware firewalls and routers you do not need any additional security measures if the server is going to be used on as a seedbox.
    Regarding your question about speedtests, I have found that the standard speedtest isn't that accurate with seedbox servers but that this link will give you a far more accurate assessment of the speed of your server :
    if the data speeds stilll seem slow from this then the first step is to inquire with leaseweb regarding your speedtests.



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