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Thread: webui problem

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    Hi All,
    I got myself a hivebox and i'm logged on to webui.
    But, how do i add a torrent?
    anyone got a link to some onfo?
    many thanks in advance

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    kaffeine's Avatar No queda el tiempo
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    You need to install this extension for firefox:

    And then you can just drag and drop the torrent.

    (or you can either download the torrent file to your pc and click the add button on the webui, or send it to the seedbox via ftp, or download it directly to the seedbox and add it to uTorrent there via vncviewer)
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    wonderful. thankyou very much

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    Kaffeine is correct, but probably the easiest way is to choose to save the torrent file to your PC then in the webui click on the blue + sign button on the left navigate to the download location on your PC and add the torrent, it is then uploaded to the server and the download begins.


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    thats lovely, you've saved me a lot of headaches !


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