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    OK so I know that this has been posted about a couple of times, I have never seen a definate NO, so I am gonna ask. ( I could not find the threads, they must have been deleted.) So can you convert an ASF, file into a type that can be encoded. I would prefer to turn the file into an .avi file and encode it as usuall, but a encoder that will encode this type of file would be good too. (I will also need a program to split it)

    If it is not possible please tell.

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    Originally posted by callum@22 July 2003 - 04:20
    You need asf tools
    Wow look slike a grat program, thanks a shit load pal

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    You can get 2 things.

    1. virtual dub 1.3 ONLY the reason anything later then 1.3 won't covert asf to avi becaeu MS wrote a copyright nasty letter them owning the copyright for asf files

    2 You can get asf tools to convert to AVI but that program sux and is a piece of sh*** that puts your asf file out of sync

    Then you can enocdde with TMPGEnc

    personally I got the ealier version of veritaldub off kazaa and use that for asf files it works for me

    Hope that helps

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    blah, nm.

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    Thanx hogster, yeah I was gonna ask what versions of v dub would do asf, thanks.


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