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Thread: Looking for a bitmetv

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    Looking for a bitmetv invite. Currently don't have much to offer other than or 30-40GCreds for TVTorrents. I seed 24/7 and would really appreciate. TV Torrents is great, but I would really love bitmetv as well. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Please convince us why because there are so many alternatives.

    Also provide us with ratio proff

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    is easy to get...and good..very good tracker

    I wish to join FTN comunity!If you need help dont hezitate to contact me!


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    Hmm, well because TVTorrents doesn't have some TV shows and is down quite often. For example, my girlfriend is asking for copies of the Bachelor. She's only seen the newer seasons and she would like to get to see the older ones as well. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with TVT. I'd just like to check out bitmetv as well, if possible. Plus, the GCreds (see below) ratio thing somewhat bothers me. It doesn't actually show what I D/L or U/L. They can be purchased and, therefore, are more or less useless as ratio proof. But, I'm only on 2 torrent I kind of have to use it.

    Here's what little ratio proof I have. It's my first attempt at posting ratio proof, so I hope it works out. Only wish I had thought of saving screen shots back when OiNK was around.

    Thanks for reading and replying.

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