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Thread: Im A Linux Noob...

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    Okay here is where im at.

    Downloaded Red Hat 9 and burn to disk
    Managed to install it to a partition.
    Can boot into it through lilo

    What do I do now?

    So many people say Linux is so good but I can do anything with it yet. There are lots of programs for it but I can't install most of them.

    Where did you Linux people get your start? and what do you do with it?

    (I don't hate linux or windows I just wanna learn something new)

    Im sorry for being so general but anything would nelp me (other then linux sucks). Is there a good Linux for Noobs site?

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    Linux is great, if you know what your doing. Luckily you have the right distribution that is required for this online "Mastering Linux" tutorial at the link Ive posted. I strongly advise you to read this tutorial as it will help you to better understand linux and all its glory.

    This is a thorough course in Linux programming, using Red Hat Linux. Students can expect to spend between 1 and 2 hours on each lesson, including the time for doing the hands-on examples and exercises. Typical completion time for the course is about 2 quarters, or 24 weeks.

    You should have Redhat Linux installed on your system. If you need a copy, you can download a free version directly from Redhat.Com or one of the mirror sites.


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