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    Could somebody help me my computer has been acting very slow the last few months and I want to wipe out everything I've put on it, to restore it to how it was when I bought it. (but hopefully leaves the different drivers for new hardare I have added) The second thing I need help with is does anybody know of any good software to backup your hard drive on to multiple cd's I've tried some programs but they don't work.

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    Use Powerquest Drive Image. It works great. Backup your hard drive image into CD's and you can just restore it back through it.
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    If i were you i would
    1.Totally reinstall (write down the drivers you need)
    2. Simply clean up your machine
    by using
    Registry Healer
    Try Norton Utilities (diagnostics,doctor)
    Clean your Prefetch
    Empty all the Temp files (search)
    Check if you have virus
    Defragment your hard drive

    All these things should be done atleast once a month if not once a week.

    Sorry no links

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    Thanks for the help, the backup software works great but I just want to know how to just reinstall certain files without doing the full restore from the disks. I&#39;ll think about trying those other things to speed up my computer.


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