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Thread: Your audio-systems

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    Hi people !

    I made this thread to discuss about our audio systems.

    I'm using old Teac speakers and they're for elementary needs. I will buy this monster, I think best 2.1 system. With 75w of power they are rocking.

    Altec Lansing FX6021

    One thing I don't like, that's their look. It can be much better but quallity is on 1st time.

    Your speakers?
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    Logitech HDM111BK
    Number of Satellites : 2
    Wattage (RMS) per Satellite : 4W
    Wattage (RMS) Total : 8W
    Colour : Black

    How's that for power?

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    i use only some of audio speakers called jaguar

    some pretty good now

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    Just headphones por moi.
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