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Thread: Stand Up Acts

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    Hey again everyone.
    Well latley I have been watching alot of stand up comedy (full sets) and just thought i would check in for some suggestions/discussions. I have really only scratched the surface but my watched and recommended are.

    Eddie Murphy - delerious
    Eddie murphy - Raw
    Kings of comedy
    Dave chapele - killing them softly
    Dennis miller - the raw feed
    Robin williams - live on broadway (in moderation)
    Dennis leary - no cure for cancer.

    I know that ther are tonnes more, some of you british guys I am sure could make some real good suggestions. Has norm Mcdonald ever done a set? or Jim Brauer (brewer - i dont know how to spell it.) Oh and of course no need to mention bigger and blacker.

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    roy "chubby" brown is hilerious i reckon, if easily affended though stay away

    fuck Derby County

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    Chris Rock, Live in DC hbo special... one of the all time classics...

    tossed salad man... niggers vs black people, oj, marion barry, all among the hilarious topics...

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    The late Bill Hicks and Billy Connelly's early stuff.

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    Yes...Billy Connelly's " Divorce " routine is piss your pants funny IMO. Also, if you ever get a chance to watch somone by the name of Dennis Wolfberg, don't pass it up.....the man will have you spouting whatever beverage you're drinking through your nose !

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    robin williams on Broadway definatly, but Dana Carvey:Critics Choice

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    Check out Pablo Fransisco, it`s the best stand up show I`ve seen on Kazaa

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    lee evans

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    i think his name is bernie mac hes dam funny

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    Originally posted by Joe Banks@22 July 2003 - 14:55
    Check out Pablo Fransisco, it`s the best stand up show I`ve seen on Kazaa
    yeah Plablo Fransisco is really good i know some of ya'll would like it
    [ gs removed the sig, it was 1455.14 KB lol ]

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

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