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Thread: Rapidshare + Download Manager Tutorial

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    This tutorial is for those who have premium accounts on and want to know how to mass download links that you might find on a forum.

    Flashget & Flashgot
    1. Install a download manager. For this tutorial we will use Flashget because it's free and has a lot of great features. There are a list of compatible download managers here.
    2. Install the latest version of Flashgot for Firefox and then restart the browser.
    3. Login to your account and enable "Direct Downloads"

    4. In Firefox go to [Tools]-> [Flashgot]-> [More Options]-> [General] and make sure that the Download Manager selected is FlashGet. Also under the [Menu] tab, you will want to check 'FlashGot Selection'. It will make your life a bit easier.

    5. Start up Flashget. Go to [Tools]-> [Options]-> [Site Manager] and Press [Add]. In the URL field put: "" (without the quotes of course) and then check 'Login to Server' box and put your Rapidshare user name and password in the appropriate fields.

    6. Yea! You're almost done
    7. Heres a small test file you can download to verify that everything is working correctly:
      Select that file and right click and choose the option 'FlashGot Selection'. A box should pop up with the title "Add New Download". You can select what folder you'd like to download to and then click [OK].

    8. If everything goes well and the download finishes correctly, the file should be about 1 mb in size. If you get a file that is something like 5kb or an html file then something is configured incorrectly. Go back and verify your settings or leave a message here.
    9. Now, all you have to do is select a whole group of links and use the 'FlashGot Selection' option, click [OK],. and all of those links will automatically be downloaded by Flashget. You can walk away and come back in a bit and all your files should be downloaded
    If for some reason this isn't working for you continuously, you can PM me for help.
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    Nice tutorial, you deserve a thanks.
    What an ordinary day, the extraordinary way.

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    Yeah for sure, thank you very much, I was looking for something like this.

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    Pearl City Of INdia

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    Where am i?
    wow man thnks a lot that was very helpful!
    i was trying to find out what to do exactly about a month now...
    thnks once again!

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    Thanks,it's always better with a prenium account i am gonna have one soon thanks again!

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    thanks mate , and i am using IDM and i use the same way

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    thanks alot , now speeds will be even faster
    pictures of you!! pictures of me!!

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    thanx very much

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