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    Since i joined fst, i have not disrespected any rules. The sites i was invited to, i still keep in good standing. For personal reasons and because the person who invited me would be at risk of a ban if i didn't keep up with my ratio-cheated-traded ect. I have not made too many public threads, and am very hesitant to give invites away in giveaways for the reasons mentioned above. I do help people that i know and have helped me in the past.. I believe someone will see that i am trustworthy enough to invite me to a popular forum for telivsion shows-the elite of them. highly sought site..? I understand that people share the same attitude, no invite giveaway's ,trading ect-. I have been a active member here and my dream is to have a chance to be a part of that community. i know their are alternatives but the above mentioned is a great community(so i hear) plus i think i can contribute a lot to it! Hope someone understands my ambitions to participate on that site and maybe someday someone can trust me enough to fulfill this request. I will continue to be a honest and active member here @ fst, following all the rules. I apologize for the length of this post...
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