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Thread: Blank Dvd-rs

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    my dad recently bought a computer with a dvd-r drive and i want to get some blank dvds so i can fill then with full albums and lend then to people to coppy the albums they want off it and stuff.

    the problem is that blank dvds are expersive and i've heard storys of people having problems with burning certain brands.

    so in short my question is what brands of dvd-r do you reccomend? and where is the cheapest place to buy them from?

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    I assume you are going to fill them with either mp3s or disk images. Since these are only data formats, you do not need authoring quality.

    You haven't said what type of drive it is, so you should probably get the fastest that the drive will support (though you may find that 4x rated discs are just as cheap as any others now).

    I personally use Datawrite 4x red label, I haven't had any probs with them so far. You also haven't told us where you are based, so I'm going to guess from your timezone that you are UK based and haven't adjusted for daylight savings.

    Here's where I get my discs (though I didn't actually get them online), or you could try your local computer fair.
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