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Thread: Creater Of Napster

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    shawn Fanning started the whole concept of sharing mp3 files but he made a dumb mistake. Because Napster was set at the centre of the network - in other words, the index to the shared files was stored on a physical server within Napster HQ - it was easy for the authorties to shut down which was a big mistake.

    what u think what he did was right or wrong. i personally think clever IDEA he came up with but the structure of it was F***ED up.

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    who cares lets just thank him for makin and cuz now we got k-lite and neways how was he makin money off of it wen it was free???

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    first of its kind so of course it was a brilliant idea.

    but nobody could have guessed how popular it would become which was its real downfall.

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    total genuis..

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    i'm pretty sure people were sharing mp3's as soon as the format was created, and that was long before Napster. I read somewhere that even on old dial-up, people ere swapping .wav files of their music on IRC and the like.

    One thing's for sure though, Napster did bring file-sharing to the masses, a lot of people didn't know the possibility of it before then. Back in the mid to late nineties, people thought they were lucky to find an mp3 for download on a website.

    How times have changed.

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    He didn't make napster.

    The dude from Italian Job made napster

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    u gotta give the man credit for starting the revolution

    proud to be american


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