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Thread: Grey Screen

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    i keep having a grey screen when i want to watch a movie i do have sound

    i have k-lite codec pack (Full) installed

    can somebody please help me

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    I got the same problem before. Solution I have for you is to uninstall you current codecs. See if you can watch the movie or movies after uninstall. If you can then install the codecs(no bundles) u need to watch that movie. Because most movies require divx 3 and divx 5. I don't know why after I watched a divx 5 movie, I won't be able to watch a divx 3 movie(like you said the screen turns gray). After uninstalling k-lite codecs i could able to watch the divx3 movie again AND the divx 5 movies...weird. So, hope this works for you.

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    god damn it works



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    np, but these problems will come back and I hope theres a better way to solve this instead of uninstalling/installing the specific codecs again and again.


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