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Thread: Windows Xp Professional

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    I was just wondering does anyone know if the windows xp pro.exe on verified downloads work? I mean I already have it on my other desktop system Its came installed..but I want to install it on my laptop now...and I was wondering if thats gonna puck up my system or not when I try to install it. because doesnt a system have to restart in order to install that OS or any other OS for that matter, and when it restarts how can the exe still run huh?

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    Good question...ive always wondered does it work? if you answer this one u will be helping me also lol
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    Rename the file to .iso and burn to the image to cd.
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    Yes, in order to reformat your computer you must renaim the file to .iso and burn it to a CD, u place the disk in the Disk Drive(Note: NOT DVD) and restart your computer after the disk is into the drive, it should restart into the setup, and select that u want to format it in FAT mode, (best harddrive space) and it will take a while, but it is worth it to upgrade to XP Pro

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    Oh..because I knew it couldnt work like that but another thing...The Cd key Generator form Verified Downloads does anyone know if that actually produces working Cd keys? Because I've tried alot of other Key generators in the past and they never work...

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    One out of ten of the generators might work, your better off just downloading individual keys as a document in the kazaa search... tell me if it works for you

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