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Thread: Modem And Sound Problems After Installing

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    hey heres my problems, me and my mate installed win XP on his comp cus ME was very unstable. sound and modem working fine tho but freezing all the time. on WINxp his scanner wouldnt support it or printer so i decider to get him win 2000 pro, we installed that today, installed fine, printer works, but the comp wont detect the modem, says driver not updated or somat i click update and shit but says cannot, we have no disks cus it was pre installed. and no disks really and anyway it should work when u install new windows as the sound in XP worked but now not in 2000 pro. and ideas whats goin on or what we should do or what we can check.

    please any1 help its killing us both all these problems

    thanks chris and john

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    u probably just need drivers, search on the internet for the manufacturer of your modem and sound card. Once u find the website see if theres a support section where u can download the drivers.

    If the manufacturer isn't available (usually cos of cheap generic kit) then u will probably have to install a generic/compatible driver for it and cross ur fingers. If thats the case post back here with as much detail as possible about the stuff that isn't supported

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    this may sound stupid now but i dont know the manufactoerer name because it was included with comp, and just says standard 56k.

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    open up the tower and take a look there will be a model name.

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    go to control panel -> system -> device manager (device manager will be in system somewhere, have a look around)
    The components that u haven't installed probably have a yellow or red sign next to them. Those names should do.

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    A program called Belarc might help identify your devices. Or you can copy/paste this msinfo32.exe in the 'Run' field...Start > Run...paste, hit ok. Gives you system information.
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