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Thread: Macromedia Studio Mx Plus?

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    Anyone have the sig for Macromedia Studio MX Plus?

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    This sounds like a request???? Hmmmmmmm???

    lol (I just couldn't resist!!&#33

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    I might have put this in the wrong forum.............

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    Studio MX Plus consists of two ISOs, both around 700MB - If you get it off KL, then you're likely to get it corrupt (if at all - Most Studio MX sources on Kazaa are of the non-Plus version)

    If you don't mind a second P2P program (or already use it), I'd suggest you get eMule. Not about the superiority crap that most people recommend P2P software on, but because ShareLive ( have a hash of Studio MX Plus, but the hash is eMule only.

    A custom copy of eMule is available on the K-Lite site. Expect to leave it on for about 2-3 days (@ 150kbps, not sure about other speeds), but you'll only need to download it once .

    In a pinch, you could only download the ISO of Disc 1 - That's because Studio MX Plus programs are only on Disc 1. The second disc, however, is a special copy of DevNet which is only available for Macromedia (paying) subscribers - It is worth getting, but not critical to run SMXP

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    Macromedia Studio MX Plus is just a selection of programs that are frrom Macromedia. Just enter a fake e-mail first. Download all of the programs on that page. There should be 5. They are only trials so you'll need serial codes. No guarrantee on the serialz

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    you not allowed to post serials in forum, read the rules

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    Since ShareLive's down, here are the links: (and as Illuminati said, you need an eDonkey2000 client)

    You can either download the packaged RAR (WinRAR), which is just over 1GB:

    [dohtml]<a href="


    Or download the 2 CD BINs and CUEs:





    In my opinion, I wouldn&#39;t bother downloading the Plus package, because I doubt you&#39;re gonna use all the extra tools that are available, I reckon you&#39;ll be better off with the Standard version:

    [dohtml]File: Macromedia Studio MX(Fasttrack Central).exe

    Length:144051200 Bytes,140675KB




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