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Thread: Help setting DC++ up?

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    Hi guys,

    New here & hoping someone can help me please

    Ive used DC++ in the past but it was a long time ago now, just installed it on new laptop & have managed to go into hubs etc through the hublist but when I search it doesnt bring anything up. Im pretty sure this is one of my settings but to be honest im pretty stumped as to what lol

    Let me know if u need any other info

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    +1 ..Even i want to set it up , but havent used it ever before...!!
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    this is a problem with port forwarding. i suppose you are running in active mode and use a router, correct? otherwise you are using another kind of firewall, software for instance. you need to set your dc++ client to run in active mode with port forwarding and open these ports in your firewall. if its a router, it can be a bit tricky if you aren't familiar with configuring it.

    EDIT: you can also set your DC++ client to run in passive mode. That will work, but i highly suggest you to try and solve the port forwarding so that you can run in active mode, since this will make you able to connect to more people.. two people in passive mode can't connect to eachother.
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