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Thread: Netscape No More

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    I came across this gr8 article, i do Apologize if sum 1 has posted this story b4...

    This is the story from


    Netscape No More...

    After years of trying to gain back a decent share of the browser market, AOL have finally decided to pull the plug

    Having forked out a ridiculous $4.2 billion on acquiring Netscape in 1998, America Online (AOL) have decided to quit the browser business altogether… and have made 50 employees redundant in the process.

    Although there will be no more Netscape, AOL will continue to support current Netscape users and the Netscape Web portal. A spokesperson from AOL said, “Netscape remains a key part of our multibrand strategy. We will continue to support the browser and the portal.”

    AOL also announced they will be reorganizing the development of the project that the Netscape browser was developed with. Turning it into a non-profit organisation called Mozilla Foundation, it will consist of the Mozilla browser suite products – Web browser, email and news client, calendar, chat and HTML editor applications.

    But the icing on the cake… AOL isn’t going to be using it’s own technology for it’s online software – don’t be so absurd…! They’ve signed a seven-year contract with Microsoft to use IE as the underlying technology.

    Looks like it could be Mozilla no more soon…

    16th July 2003

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    Originally posted by MetroStars@22 July 2003 - 19:13
    Looks like it could be Mozilla no more soon…
    Not really...

    The Mozilla Foundation  is a new non-profit organization that will serve as the home for As before, will coordinate and encourage the development and testing of Mozilla code. The Mozilla Foundation will also promote the distribution and adoption of our flagship applications based on that code. AOL, Sun Microsystems, Red Hat, and other companies will continue to support Mozilla through the Foundation.

    What this means for the Mozilla browser and our other products and technologies: more innovation from the open source developers, and a greater focus on end users.

    Read the press release and our newsgroup announcement.

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    Netscrape sucked my balls. MSIE was much better, and now it's being discontinued as a standalone browser also...

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    Netscape is utter crap.

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    Have 2 agree Netscape was crap, just wondering why now, and not 2 yaers earlier..


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