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Thread: Requesting a invite

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    i'm just looking for a new music tracker to join, you know, after oink was taken down.

    i'm not a big music buff, but when i like a band i really strive to get the album in a lossless codec. that is why i would prefer a(nother) music-dedicated private tracker rather than sites like demonoid.

    it's kind of tough for me to attain a ratio above 1.0, because of the painfully obvious disparity between the up/down speeds of my asymmetrical bandwidth:

    - nevertheless, i try and try and try, keeping my computer on day-and-night.

    take, for example, my ratio at tl:

    it's far from grounds for banning, the limit of which i keep in mind at all times, yet it still isn't admirable, and i am sorry i don't have a ratio higher. If I had waited to post a request for an invite to some time next month, the ratio would be a lot higher. However, as you may surmise, I can't wait that long lol.

    I would appreciate it if you reached me by pm, asking me for my email address that way. thanks.
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    it's hard to get a spot in waffles atm since the invite system is mostly closed.. i can give you an STmusic though if you would like one?

    EDIT: Oh man it seems like its bedtime for me. I don't know how i could get to waffles. lol.
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    wow i feel your pain man i feel your me your email ill give ya

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    thanks Forumas!
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