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Thread: What Trackers Offer And BitTorrent Tracker Review Links [INDEX]

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    • Click here to view the What Trackers Offer list.
    • Trackers Underlined link to reviews when clicked.
    • Tracker names that are not clickable need a review.

    • Post any new reviews in the Review Section.
    • If suggesting ratings say WHY or be IGNORED!
    • If details are not complete or accurate, post them.
    • Host images as a forum attachment
      or a secured site such as BayImg.
      That way they won't be deleted.

    What should a good tracker review contain?
    Preferred format (template):

    Tracker Name

    Tracker URL: http://www.********.com
    Category: 0-Day / TV & Movies / Games Music / e-Learning
    IRC Information: Network / Channel
    Number Members:
    Number Seeders / Leechers:
    Ratio: No Ratio / Easy / Moderate / Hard
    Pre-Time: 1-10
    Speed: 1-10
    Content: 1-10
    Overall: 1-10

    Post detailed description of the tracker you review.
    Also include any content you feel is important.

    *Insert screenshot*

    Browse Page:
    *Insert screenshot*

    *Insert screenshot*

    *Insert screenshot*

    User Classes:
    *Insert screenshot*
    Add New Tracker

    Link -

    This list should not be taken too literally.
    Thanks to all who have contributed...

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