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Thread: Remove Letters from file/folder

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    Newsleechers Repair and Extract put files into folders with !RNE *todays date* by default. I know now there is an option to turn that off but for months I didn't care and just let it go. Now I care, and want the older folders to be fixed without that part. I can't do it all myself, that would take way to much time. And I can't use a program that just mass renames everything. So what are my options? Is there a program that might be able to help me?

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    Assuming you have the latest JRE installed I can punch you out a prog that will do that for you real quick. PM me your email addy and I'll send it to you.


    Click the download button for the JRE

    I'll need the EXACT format the names are in as well. If you can just copy and past an example of a name that'll do.
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