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Thread: ScT Mass Ban!

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    Your IP address is currently banned. If your ip is in Poland or Israel, this ban may be part of country wide bans. This is due to very high rate of cheating/hacking/invite trading/dupe accounts going on from these countries. This does not mean that we think you are doing any of those things, which is why it is relatively easy to get your account access back. All you have to do is connect to our irc network a irc.*************.org and join #**********. Once in this irc channel, just wait around and idle, you will not be able to talk when first joining because of the +m channel mode, please do not PM staff members, a staff member will eventually get to you and give you a +v so you can talk while we review your account (this usually takes around a minute if all is well) and if everything seems to be in good order, that staff member will enable your account to bypass these ip bans. It does not matter if you have a dynamic ip or not, the ban bypass is based on your account, not your ip. If you have been cheating on your account, we will be able to tell, so please don't waste our time if you have been.

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