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Thread: The Hydra Project - Everything in here

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    Corey's Avatar Đeneral BT Rep: +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20
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    Feb 2006

    So, let's hear opinions ?

    Personally, I think this is great, not just for security, but for general BT protocol improvement, quality in all ways(speed, content...). Can't wait to see it in action.

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    p1r4t3's Avatar More drama? ffs BT Rep: +6BT Rep +6
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    Mar 2007
    pretty much the same now. after oink went down, waffles and what came in.

    if waffles and what are raided, some more will be born

    and theres shitloads of trackers anyway.

    I dont think users of private trackers are at risk, only heavy uploaders and stuff , look at oink.

    a project like this would only serve to bring the swarm to one place , and make it easier to trap. Lots of distributed unknown sites is what we need, not a central system

    Something like this is whats gonna bring BT to an end, if it happens.

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    Patriot foreve's Avatar William Wallace
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    Aug 2006
    Interesting Project ,it looks really promising ,wish success to it

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    IceTee's Avatar Fo'shizzle my nizzle BT Rep: +2
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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Patriot foreve View Post
    Interesting Project ,it looks really promising ,wish success to it

    I'm not sure that you understood what this project is all about.
    I think you need to have another look at the article.

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    Yeah, even though this doesn't decentralize the tracker (impossible), it does create a limited number of backups so there is never a total site shutdown, it just switches to the next tracker.
    Ask me about my self-esteem!

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    I read and i still dont understand what the THP doing??

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    It's a nice idea but they're still relying on trackers. Decentralization is the way to go and they should be focusing their attention on that instead of continuing to rely on trackers that can easily be taken down.

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    BT is already pretty decentralized. i think this is a step in the right direction. it smooths the process of replacing trackers that are taken down, making it even less inconvenient when it happens and even harder for BT to be disrupted.

    my only question...would torrent actually be tracked by multiple private trackers? thats how i understood it. thats an interesting idea

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    pro267's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +7BT Rep +7
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    May 2007
    Having no better term, I'll refer to the set of joint trackers in THP as a cluster of trackers (clustracker.. ).
    A few questions about his project, just from the top of my head:

    1) Will "traveling" between trackers participating in a cluster be done on line, as in a hot swap?
    2) Will membership shift from a tracker based to a cluster based membership?
    3) Sounds like a lot of the code needed for implementation is already available is some of the current tracker implementations. Don't large trackers use a cluster of machines for the site and others to host the databases? If that's the case, then the site-site sync thingy is already implemented, and database synchronization is also available.
    4) Won't the "travel" thingy make it easier to IP harvest on all trackers? I.e., anyone will be able to easily shift from tracker to tracker and collect IP data from connected people in all of them easily, rather then having to join each site individually and IP harvest each one separately?

    I don't know what to think about this project before hearing more details about it.
    It sounds interesting but there are so many synchronization and security issues to consider that it may not be feasible.

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    DanielleD87's Avatar bunny
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    Aug 2007
    north cali
    it looks neat but some how i doubt it will be used much. most staff like to keep their site as 'their' site and giving that away into a distributed project kind of kills it.

    also, security most likely dies with this. all it takes is one riaa or mpaa bot to connect to a priv trackers network, scan ips, and then everyone is screwed because it will effect all of the trackers not just one tracker. it will also make it harder to catch such groups that want to record IP addresses.

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