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Thread: Msn Messenger 6.0

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    Hello all ... I have heard many rave reviews about it and the latest version seems HOT. I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of Windows Messenger that comes with XP. They both keep logging me in and out as they take turns being the boss.

    I would really like to keep only MSN Messnger 6.0 because it rocks. At least the newest version (non-beta) release.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    look in the settings of your old messenger. Somwhere in the preferences you'll find 'start with windows', or at least 'connect when starting messneger'. Make sure these boxes are UNCHECKED. The old messenger won't bother you any more...

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    you can rename the "Messenger" folder to something like "Messenger_off". if you do this, Windows won't be able to find Windows Messenger, and you can use just MSN Messenger. there are ways to remove it from your system completely, but changing the name of the folder is much easier and if you ever want to use it again, all you have to do is change the name of the folder back.

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    that happened to me as well and it REALLY REALLY bugged me so what i did waz sign out of windows messenger then click on sign in (note not sign in as) then just put an email address of ur friends then check then sign in automatically and u'll find when u log on windows(not windows messenger) it will sign in on ur friends account but wont actually sign in coz theres no password

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    windows messenger is the biggest peice of shit ever. and theres no way to get rid of it, and the compatability between msn messenger aswell, i mean what a bloody stupid idea that is.
    at least of they had put msn messenger in it could be upgraded,
    but then again theres microshit for you, everything integrated so you have use all there crappy software, and not just use it as an operating system

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    Talk about excessive. Windows Messenger is EASY to uninstall, I can name at least three ways. First, use Tweak-XP, as they provide a button embedded inside of the program for uninstalling the app. Also, you could use RunDLLAsAnAPP to parse the INF file for messenger and then uninstall the program from there. The third way is of course to mod an inf to enable viewing all inst. components.

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    download XPanitspy Go Here

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    are there any non M$ instant message clients which can talk with M$ instant messager? [or M$N messenger?]

    i'd like to use some instant messaging with friends who use the M$ product but i don't want to use the M$ client


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    i think there is one trillian it is called. i have never used it myself

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    yep thats the one jus had a look on google


    Trillian's universal connectivity allows you to chat on all major chat networks, including AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!, and IRC simultaneously.

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