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Thread: Best Hardcore Artist

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    If there is actually anyone that does listen to this stuff I mean!

    well I don't like the screaming that much but these artists have very deep depressing lyrics ( at least the new ones)
    And I like that.

    here''s mine :

    A Long Winter ( I'm so bad with goodbyes )
    As I lay dying ( the frailty of words
    Atreyu ( Suicide Notes and butterfly kisses )
    A heart fades forever
    A static lullaby
    Eyes of autumn
    Falling December
    Dark day dawing
    Dead to fall
    In pieces
    On broken wings
    One dying wish
    Poison the well
    When angels fall
    Your blood my tears

    I wish i could understand better what they said! if they turned to singing they'd be my favorite...

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    a lot of the bands you listed are not really hardcore. Most are Metalcore or Emocore. But some of the listed are very good (i.e. AILD and PTW)

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    I guess you're right...
    I like these groups mostly for their lyrics...
    And no one seems to like that!

    Fair enough

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    Poison the Well is amazing. You guys should listen to Snapcase.

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    The new album from poison the well is really good.
    And I love the album cover....

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    Well, if it's Hardcore Punk:

    The Adicts
    The Adolescents
    Agent Orange
    Bad Brains
    Bad Religion
    Black Flag
    The Circle Jerks
    Dead Kennedys D
    The Exploited
    Hüsker Dü
    Meat Puppets
    The Meatmen
    Minor Threat
    The Misfits
    Scratch Acid
    Screeching Weasel
    Suicidal Tendencies

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    brotherdoobie's Avatar Long live Hissyfit BT Rep: +1
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    Next To Automated Alice
    Damn it I thought this topic was about porn!
    Just kidding.......MADBALL rules.

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    [QUOTE=MrT,25 July 2003 - 05:58] Well, if it's Hardcore Punk:

    Yea Well It can Be any kind of hardcore, really. Since I mentioned Metalcore And Emocore

    Any different kind is well accepted


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    erm.. hardcore... thats dance music.. as in happy hardcore.. only hardcore dont sound so happy , its just full pumping dance music that gets u rushing your tits off when your off yer head

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    Guillaume's Avatar Kentish old lady BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Maybe those guys aren't the best hardcore bands, but...


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