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Thread: Update on recent bannings, altered C/R timer, affects Kreon rips

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    >> A followup regarding the xbox live bannings that occured a few weeks ago...

    Commodore4eva has noticed a recent change in games with regards to the c/r timings. It appears to have started in games a few weeks before halo 3, that will give a slightly altered Security Sector file when ripped using a kreon drive. We have tried to replicate the error with a samsung drive in 0800 mode with no success.

    This slightly altered data would be very easy to detect, and would enable microsoft to use as critera for bannings. We believe this is the result of the recent bannings.

    We are still not sure if this was a intentional move by Microsoft's part, or a coincedental bug within kreon. As a side note, kreon will not give this altered data every time, but appears to happen randomly. Here is a list of a few games that appear to have the possibility of giving altered SS data when ripped with kreon:
    Halo 3
    Mass Effect
    Call Of Duty 4
    Spiderman friend or foe
    Project Gotham Racing 4
    NHL 08
    Half Life 2 The Orange Box
    Oblivion GOTY Edition

    This is just a small list of findings so far. There will be a full list maintained as time goes on (likely found in the forum thread below).

    Kreon, Redline99 and commodore4eva are all involved with this progress, so there will be a solution in the near future, whether its a kreon firmware, XBC, or firmware update to resolve the issue.

    If you have recently been banned, and would like to confirm whether one of your backups has a bad kreon SS, please use xdvdmulleter or any other program to extract the SS, and run Kreon Checker (compliments of #Stealth360 on efnet) on the SS, it will tell you whether it is a good or bad kreon rip. We are trying to verify that everyone who was banned had a bad kreon SS. As we find out more, the xdvdmulleter database will be updated to fix any bad Security Sectors on specific games.
    Before burning any games I urge you to check extract the SS with XDVDMulleter and check it with Kreon Checker.

    Source: Update on recent bannings, altered C/R timer, affects Kreon rips
    Homepage: Xbox-Scene
    Download Link: Kreon Checker
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