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Thread: Most Mics Seen In One Film

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    ok just watched daddy day care and saw a microphone 6 times throughout the film and thats only the first viewing and i wasnt looking for them!!!!any films worse than that?

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    The most mics i have seen was in Spider-Man this was a Copied VHS version and their where mics in every scene.. i saw the mic so man times in the scene where Tobey Maguire was looking at himself in the mirror. didn't count them tho...

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    Aaaah maybe the centropy version of ddc isnt the final edit then&#33;cos i dont remember any mics in spiderman....Mind you from memory i seem to remember you saying spidey wasnt up to your expectations so maybe you were being biase .<<<<dont quote me on that though lol

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    Yes it&#39;s true mutterings i didn&#39;t like the Spider-Man movie, but i swaer 2 u in my Pirated version of spidey, there were mics all over...


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