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Thread: help me choose between these 3 seedboxes (ovh, volume drive, dedibox)

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    ovh ($81/mo, $0 setup)

    1gb RAM
    750gb HDD
    100mbit unmetered (shared)
    Windows 2003 std

    volume drive ($65/mo, $0 setup)

    1gb RAM
    120gb HDD
    uplink??? (does anyone know what the connection is on a volume drive?)
    Windows 2003 std

    dedibox international ($59/mo, $0 setup)

    1gb RAM
    160gb HDD
    100 mbit unmetered (shared)
    Windows XP - NOTE it says $59 in the text and $75 in the banner (which is it??)


    my main concerns:
    1) what is the uplink on the Volume Drive?
    2) what kind of speeds can u get in North America from ovh if you're not in Quebec? i believe u can pretend to be from Quebec when u order..
    3) whats the price for the dedibox?? 59 or 75?
    4) what are your experiences with any of these boxes

    feel free to recommend any other offers but my requirements are Windows, 1gb RAM, 60gb+ HDD, 100mbit unmetered (can be shared), free/cheap setup (i.e. hosting-ie is out)


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    if you are going with ovh, then you should really try for the French location cause most of the other locations are getting a 5M upload cap.

    Have fun tho, you have to come up with a ID, utility bill, and M/C (paypal not accepted) and you have to either be in France, or Quebec. Those are the only places that they are accepting accounts from. There is a you don't want that me.

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    Dedi Or ovh


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