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Thread: Tip For Faster Web Page Loading

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    This tweak will help web pages load faster, it has no real effect on download speeds, just helps your pc look up websites faster thereby speeding up how fast the page loads and making web-surfing more enjoyable.

    For XP & 2K

    use run, type in regedit and navigate to the following:


    For 98, 98SE & ME


    On the right for ALL OS's change these entries: (ALL values are HEXIDECIMAL)

    Class = 1
    DnsPriority = 1
    HostsPriority = 1
    LocalPriority = 1
    NetbtPriority = 1

    To change the value right mouse click on the value and select modify and enter the values above once you have done all of them reboot to take effect and see how fast your pages load.

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    Hey, thanks for the tip, it worked for me

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    Wow... that really worked amazingly well... unbelievable tip!! Everyone should do this


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    I'm using Windows98SE and all the values you specified are in binary.

    Is this right? What should i do?

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    Doesn`t matter 1 (hexadecimal) = 1 (binary)

    Hey, great tip, works fine, thanks!

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    tralalala's Avatar The Almighty
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    good job, nice tip.
    but i aint sure if it slowed down the rest of the system to speed up the internet...
    lol, anyway, thanks.


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    Damn, this page usually takes me 6 seconds to load up now its takes like 2.

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    i havent rebooted but i restart ie and ive noticed better speeds thx

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    Color me careful. Does this really work? And if so, only in IE or in Opera & other browsers as well? No offense intended. Peace.

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    Hmm im still a little confused....

    This maybe a dumb question, but is it ok if it reads Class 01 etc.?

    Like when i go to modify, a lil box comes up with 0000 followed by a value (the 0000 part isnt changeable). And if i just punch in '1', it comes up as '0000 10'.

    Does this mean 1, or 10, or sumthin else (as u can probably see im an idiot when it comes to binary)

    What should i put?

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