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    The main purpose will be games and music does anyone have any experiance with these headsets all i read is positive comment's and reviews which is a good thing i suppose.

    I'm looking at the 151 and the 161 which should i buy? i understand the 161 is newer because of the higher number but that does not necessarily make it a better choice for me for the entertainment i seek also i have read a few times that it has a little to much bass for gaming would this be the case? i prefer to hear a pin drop from miles away and pin point that on a game would the 151 be the choice for that?

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    I bought a set of Sennheiser earbuds for my mp3 player and have been extremely happy with them, great sound quality and very little exterior sound.
    I went with the lower number when I bought mine, it was the same situation just being the age difference. All of the stats were the same, but I went with the lower number just because of colour preference.
    Check the stats on both models and if they're the same, just go with whichever one you prefer.
    Overall, great brand though.

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    I don't have a headset of theirs, but I have owned a pair of their circumaural headphones (HD 212Pro) for about 2 years and they sound great and still work as good as the day they were made. I think Sennheiser is a quality brand and I've heard that from a bunch of other people as well, I wouldn't hesitate to buy more things from them.

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    Oh, please...
    I have four sets of Sennheisers, buds, two on-ear sets, and an over-ear model.

    The brand is sturdy, from an aural or structural standpoint.

    There are many outstanding individual models from other manufacturers, but, in my humble opinion, no other full-line brand is so consistantly solid.
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    I use them, i have an on-ear set called the eH-350 they work really well i think they cost me £60 not sure they might cost a bit but they are totally worth it.

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