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Thread: Song Name And Artist?

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    ok i heard this in a club and a few times on tv and radio, been trying to find who sings it or does it and nearly got my answer a while back because the same tune was played on tv, but i caught it a few seconds before the end so i missed the part when they show the artist and the songname, so if anyone knows it please help me.

    Ok this lyric sounds odd, not even sure its right, so bear with me, its not much to work with but its distinguishable.

    "stand out your fire, ....desire, dont you know.... hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey.....he twisted my melon man, talk he twisted my melon man".

    Lot of piano playing.

    Like i said lyrics might be wrong (im sure it is ) but its what i can make of it.

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    the artist name sounds right thanks. B)


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