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Thread: Is There An Expert Out There

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    i have tried the built in windows recorder, so than i can record streams coming from radio1 and other sources so i can record their music, but it doesnt give higj quality recordings, i allso tried the audio recording wizard but alas there arent any (working) keygens around 4 that and the time trial is 30 secs of recording (trial version) a lot of the streams allso use real player streams and wheni have winamp with streamripper on it simply wont record it as its real player. is there a universal streamripper that will record any audio played on my pc from any site?? please help as i cannot seem 2 find 1, many thanks.

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    Or total recorder pro. Will record any thing from your soundcard.

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    thank u chalkmongose and balmm, am dling soundforge and looking 4 total recorder pro now, will give them a try.....and thanks again 4 helping


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