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Thread: Wake Up Call

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    As I view various filesharing/news forums, it seems there are a lot of people who are willing to "stick it to" the RIAA. However, I advise that you procede with caution. Despite Paul's sarcastic sticky's about the RIAA, the dangers are very real.

    First off, if your in the US, you should definitely be careful. If it were me, I'd have stopped filesharing for a few months to see how this whole fiascle passes over. I am enough debt as it is, and with around 2000 mp3s, it's just not worth it. Not to mention I'm headed to University to study Software Engineering next year so I need all the money I can get. The reason I haven't stopped? Let's say I feel much safer living in Canada.

    I'm not siding with the RIAA, but unfortunately, laws are laws. Have any of you thought of what you would do if you were caught? I'd say you'd most likely settle instead of going to court for a case you'll probably lose.

    I know I'm gonna get flamed but think about it. It's not worth it to damage your life/your family's over file swapping on the net. By all means, boycott as much as you wish but be aware. You shouldn't worry too much about Kazaa and others dying because file sharing is a world phenomenon. That is, people outside of the US will keep sharing.

    I realize that with the odds of 1,000 out of 4,000,000, you're most likely not to be caught but don't put yourself in unnecessary danger. At the very least, share less files or (*gasp*) leech for a few months.

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    u know u may have a point... but.... thats the point of the riaa, to scare people so much that all people stop file sharing.... yea i agree with u that if one of us gets caught then we would settle, but still that was the point of the riaa, to make people stop... i mean u could either run scared for base, or u could load up and protect urself from getting caught... i mean.. they're not police officers.. they cant just hack into ur system and mess around, that would be invasion of privacy, the only thing they could do is pretend to go online and pose as harmless people and file share bad files... but already if they do that, they're doing the same thing they're trying to put people away for... so in other words its a scare, as dangerous as it may be, but nothing to worry as much about as people already are....

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    No, the chance of getting caught by the RIAA are about 1 million to 1. Stoping a great thing just because of a scare tactic is retarded. Anyway, your ISP gives you a warning and then shuts down your internet unless your sharing many many many gigs-Thats hardly ruining anyones life. If your so damn scared, then i would get off this board-the RIAA might see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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