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Thread: Winxp Download Window Problem

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    ok heres da deal. You know how when u click on a download link on a website, a small window pops up asking you if u wanna open, save, or cancel the download? and at the left bottom corner there is a check box stating "always ask before downloading" (something like that). ok i think ya get the picture. well my dumbass unchecked the box. Now if i download something, my computer automatically starts the DL without telling me what file type it is. I've been looking everywhere in windows to bring back that warnig window, but with no luck. Can someone tell me where that option is hidden at?

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    In IE go to tools and the options and click on the advanced tab. Unchecked the box that say "enable install on demand in internet explorer"

    I beleive this is correct, I havent fucked up and did that in a while, but Ive done it before just like you did. Anyone else is welcomed to elaborate on my post in case I missed something.

    Good luck


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