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Thread: The Right Prog?

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    Hey, I work out at a gym daily, and in order to put music in the cd player up there you have to have the music edited , and the majority of my music has some kind of curse word in it , and i was woundering if anyone knows of a program out there that i can edit my own music, like mute it for a split second or make a hash in it or something just to cut out the cuss word , i just need to be able to play my music, because i have like 500 mp3 files and i really dont feel like downloading all the same songs just to put it on a cd ... so if anyone knows of a good prog.. it would help me GREATLY! thanks for checking!

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    You could use a Wave editor; then in theory, all you'd need to do is find the specific part and then clear the wave.

    Nero 6 includes NeroMix - That should work , and you get a handy little CD burning program as well

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    sound forge 6.0 (or eariler) by sonicfoundry

    sorry i don't have a hash because I use the real version

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    soundforge used to be one of the best programs for editing music files
    Edit: Wiener beat me to it

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    could you give me a website for that editor?


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