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Thread: Hello To All

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    Hello to all of you.
    I hope life is treating you right.

    I am so glad to be on this forum tonight.
    My computer is down.......either the video card(almost positive)
    or it's the motherboard.

    My computer is still under warranty. So a matter of waiting for the replacement.
    Luckily I repair computers on the side.
    My friend Bobby was having problems with his ,so I said bring it by and let me see what I can do.

    Spyware had taken over his internet explorer.........Jeesh dont you love a browser hijacker.

    Anyways he gets his computer all squeeky clean and I have my KLF fix for the next couple of days......nice deal for the both of us

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    Nice one BD Spywares a bitch, real player is a sod for that

    Hope you get it all sorted

    Jonno B)
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me


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