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Thread: Is There A Way To Lock Your Own Topic?

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    I would think this would be great.

    If i asked a question and I got a good answer I could lock my topic. Once my question has been answered nothing more needs to be said. This could stop a lot of spamming.

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    Not possible. But, if you had a really good reason, You could request a Mod to do it.
    Keep in mind though that sometimes a topic becomes hot and it's something someone would like to add a comment , question, or observation to.
    Is it fair or neighborly to refuse them that option because you're satisied ?

    I've seen people mouth off because someone else made a comment in, or tried to discuss some aspect of, the topic they created. It can appear absolutely childish if there isn't good reason.
    You may have gotten your answer but it may have raised a lot more questions for someone trying to learn.


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