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Thread: Nokia to Offer Customers Unlimited Music

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    A big step was taken by Finnish company Nokia to offer unlimited music downloads. It was announced earlier today by Nokia that it had struck a deal with the Universal record label.

    Nokia also states that is already talking to the other three major record labels in hopes of cutting a deal. With the failure of Apple's iTunes pay-per-track Nokia has high hopes this idea will come through where Apple's did not.

    "Unfortunately it appears that the only way to drive mass market adoption of digital music will be give it away for free, or close to free," Mark Mulligan. "But if the alternative is for people to be downloading for free from illegal networks where the labels get nothing, it's pretty clear which is the preferable option."

    So far it would appear that the music industry with the help of Nokia might have one more breath of hope before going bottoms up. The only catch to this so far is that this idea would only apply to particular Nokia devices. This new concept is set to take off in the second half of 2008.

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