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Thread: It's finnish 90th Independence-day!!!

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    I'm so proud of that i'm a finnish people. Finland is great place to live. Everything works here (education, hospitals, administrators, etc.
    And i'm glad that there's many famous finnish people/band/or something which are known at abroad and they have succeeded there.
    For example:
    • Kimi Räikkönen (Won the formula 1 competition this year)
    • H.I.M (Finnish band)
    • Nightwish (Another Finnish band)
    • The Rasmus (again another finnish band)
    • Jean Sibelius (Finnish national composer)
    • And many else...

    But now it's time to start celebration. Today (6.12.2007) is the day when it's finland's 90th Birthday (independence-day(6.12.1917).

    And for celebration, i'm gonna give two(2) invites away.
    It's time to give following invites to someone:
    • 1 Level 9 invite (ebeli)
    • 1 Level 8 Invite (What could it be? ) (Mötley)
    Here's couple rules which are important:
    1. Everybody are able to participate.
    2. If you want to win, you have to Convince me. I'll pick the best convincetry as a winner.
    3. I don't want to see ratioproofs or speedtest, because it just make everything more coplicate.
    4. This is the most important rule: NO PMz

    Good luck.

    Congratz to winners.

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    hehe happy 90th finnish independance day! well i wish i could have the level 9 invite i know i wont let you down, ill be a good user as ive tried to be on here, helping out anyone ive come across that needed it, and as for the bitorrent side of things, im a great member at all of my trackers, always seed more then i download, even donated to some trackers for free cause they were great to me
    pictures of you!! pictures of me!!

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    Happy indepence day to all the Finnish citizens . I am from India and my country's indepence day is on 15th Aug.
    Can I have the level 8 invite please? I am a DVD-R s downloader mostly and am a good seeder. Unfortunately I am not a member in any tracker which is dedicated only to DVD-R s . I am a good seeder and make full utilization of the few trackers I have. If u give me a chnce, I wont let u down is all I can say. I recently got access to a seedbox too from an FST friend.
    Even if I dont get the invite, I will be sad , but congrats to u for his great giveaway and to the would be winner.
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    Sep 2007
    happy 90th finnish independance day
    i like to have invite cuse i am a good shere in many tracker and i make here a lot of giveaway
    and i can contend with this level cuse i have seedbox and can be a excellent member in that high level tracker
    hope you will pick me

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    Oct 2007
    first congratulations

    then i want u to remember ur state and mood when u was

    searching for high lvls

    it looks like hell to me i cant study cant stop thinking about

    this,. so u r happy for Independence can u make somone happy too ??
    hope u get convinced and be sure of ur rules to be respected !

    i appreciate ppl favor very well

    waiting for lvl8

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    First of all, congratulations!
    Have fun celebrating it

    Well, about your giveaway...
    Why should I get invited?
    Regardless of the fact I want to get a good tracker with a good community, speed and content, I'm also unlucky ;( I never win this kind of things, and to be honest, I don't think I'm going to get invited this time too

    All I can say is that I would be grateful to get in and enjoy what I mentioned above, I would be VERY grateful!
    If you feel like you want to be nice to me and make my day (week? month? ), invite me and know you did a good thing to someone who is looking for this invite for a long time (yes, I'm always looking for a good community and a good tracker)

    Thanks and happy independence-day!

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    Oct 2007
    Happy 90th Finnish Independence day to all the fins here n I would like to take a shot at the lvl 9 invite mate if possible. I am a trusted user in all my trackers n have high lvl trackers such as TT,ScT,etc. I know how to be a wise user n have never been warned or banned from any of the trackers. I promise I won't let u down mate if u give me a chance

    good luck

    p.s. You watch hockey?? If yeah who's ur fav Finnish hockey player?? Mine is Sami Salo

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    happy independence day mate

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    Well. Happy Birthday Finland.

    I've noticed too that there comes many popular people from finland, Like one actor peter franzen. And I like especially from sibelius, because he makes great music. Especially The song Finlandia, it's really awesome and last time when i visited at Finland, i noticed that there was a Vodka named by Finlandia. But the thing, I'm asking for the level 8, because i love collecting dvds. I have dvdseed, but i don't like its' collection. okay there's a good side in there's too (polish subtitles), but the collection there isn't large enough.
    so i'm honourable asking for swedvdr and i'm listening at the moment song called "fairytale gone bad" -by sunrise avenue (Finnish band )

    Thanks. and again, congratz to Finland.

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    Well Happy Independence day, freedom is great! Especially free giveaways! I mean thats how it should be right? To get to the point I would love the lvl 9. Since I have joined this forum and was able to make it to the invites, I have learned alot quickly. Many people have been very helpful directly & indirectly. Sharing takes responsibility. I have made a few mistakes but learned as I came along to FST. I think I am ready to move up that ladder and hopefully learn & share as I do. Sometimes I want to lash out at some of the n00bs but then I remember I was there once too. I want to do all I can to help these communities & I dont mean by money alone, but I want to learn more and apply that knowledge. Even if I dont "win" I would appreciate in other ways a helping hand in what I can do. And if I am accepted there is no way to prove that anyone would ever trade or give away the account so all I can do to prove it is give my username on the higher trackers I am on but I give my word that I will never do either of the forbidden acts. Thanks for your consideration
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