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Thread: Can't get DreamScene to start

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    I'm trying to get DreamScene to work on my 64bit Ultimate. I'm using the default Windows Aero theme, and when I select a video (one that Windows Update downloaded) it tells me "Windows DreamScene can only run when Windows Aero scheme is selected". The problem is, it is selected.

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    Im not sure if anyone is still following this thread. I found this in a google search for Dreamscene problems. I too had that problem. When I would select the Aero scheme, and click ok it would change but if i went back to the selection it was on vista theme. I've found that the problem is not video card drivers and such. It was that there was a program open that, for some reason, won't allow Aero to run. For me this was Azerous Vuze. The second i closed that program and clicked window color and appearance, I had the Aero options and dreamscene ran fine. When i started Azerous, Dreamscen froze and refused to restart until i closed the program. It didn't matter if the program was maximized, minimized, or even just running in the system tray. As long as it is open Dreamscene will refuse to work. Hope I have helped and Releived a lot of stress for you guys!


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