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Thread: Serious Sam 2

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    I downloaded serious sam 2 and it only has the levels, no unpack,no set up file or anything.Does anyone know how to install serious sam 2--size 183,936 its the one off of verified ddl's.Anyone who downloaded this game knows what im talking about so if you did and got it to work your help would be appreciated.

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    so no one has this.

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    who me?
    i have the retail version of the game, but not a rip, a filesize that small almost assures that it was ripped, not an exact cd copy. but hell i dont know whats wrong with you copy, Also, i think wal-mart or target (sumpin like that) has that game for like 9 bucks. i just saw it like 2 weeks ago....check around, might save you some horseshit aggravation

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    go to the forum of look in games section, you will find ISO there in games section.

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    download it at thats where i got mine off and it worked fine..finished the game just couple of days ago

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    Thx.You all were alot of help.


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