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Thread: Best Software For Ripping Dvd To Avi

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    I have used various programs to rip my DVD movies to AVi but i have been disappionted with the results.I have used Smartripper to get the VOB files and then DVDx to convert to AVI.There always seems to be a problem - picture quality,aspect ratio etc.All i want is to rip and convert to a quality like i download.So can anyone please advise on software and the correct way to use for a quality coversion

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    well i use DVD Dycrypter to rip the DVD to VOB's

    and then encode the VOB's using Vidomi.

    ive only ripped a couple of dvds quite long ago and i forgot what settings i used but i no i used the DIVX codec

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    I use smartripper to rip the DVD then use DVD2AVI to save the wav and encode with TMPGEnc no problem at all go to for a newbie guide on how to do it

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    I use dvd decrypter to rip the dvd to my hdd as vob then i use Flask Mpeg to convert the movie into what i like. So if you have the divx codec installed you can convert the dvd into divx or whatever codec you want.

    they come out pretty good and it depends on the speed of your pc.

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    I'd go with TempGNC, and DVD Decrypter to rip the files in the first place. I managed to get the entire first season of the Osbournes...


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