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Thread: Retirement to FTN & Sct

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    I, along with many others, would like FTN &/or SCT invite. I realize they are hard to get, and maybe hard to keep up a good ratio but, not impossible I am on a couple of trackers that are hard to keep up a ratio but I manage to do it fairly easily. All it takes is patience. I can show proof and with a pm give my username for these for definate proof but only with proof of consideration for an invite to what I am requesting because I dont want just anyone knowing for fear of someone gettin me in trouble somehow. But I assuredly would never trade or give the highest treasured trackers away. If any of you consider me please pm me and not post here to make it more safe. Thanks a ton!
    Also I hear theyre not only about dl/ul'ing but enjoyable communities which I would love to be apart of for fun, getting help and helping others. Lastly I am looking to retire since I am starting college back in Jan. So Im hoping to join and set myself to these two places and focus most of my time in studies of course but focus my sharing & online relations to only a few trackers. And who knows maybe I could get some help with college since I am taking networking classes which enables all of us to share
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