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Thread: ovh seedobx torrent friendly?

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    anyone know french? (neither bablefish or google translator work for some reason) they're offering a dedicated server with a 250gig HD unmetered for 43 euros...
    AND it come with windows server free of charge.... which from what I understand is a lot easier to run utorrent with the remote desktop control.....
    anyone used one of these before and know if they're torrent friendly (even torrent oblivious would be fine with me

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    Yes, it works great with torrents.
    Unlimited bandwidth and rather good price.
    I'm not looking for any invites and I don't give them out either, so please don't pm me about that. =)

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    you need be of france spain........ for buy right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizouk View Post
    you need be of france spain........ for buy right?

    yea dey only accept pplz from specific countries


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