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Thread: MP3 repair software?

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    As another step in my quest to finally overhaul my whole music collection I'm now trying to correct all left (optical) issues. I'm talking about wrong information like playtime or bitrate. Surely you've had the issues yourself that some (preferrably variable bitrate encoded) MP3 files show disturbingly wrong playtime length and bitrate information even though the file itself is completely valid and plays without an error.

    Is there a ready made tool which can take care of these errors? I'm not particularly interested in re-coding those files from one lossy source to another just to get some optical issues taken care of.

    Note: the issue with a wrong length display is likely due to the id3v2 tag TLEN which I haven't ever seen to be able to edit from any MP3 tag editor because it's an internal one.

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    I know what you mean.

    The only tool I have is one called MP3Utility which goes through a folder and lists all the synch errors.




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